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Unlocking Peak Performance – Part 1

In the first of three posts in the lead up to the official 2017 Matrix Pro Cycling team launch, our Sport Psychologist Jack Blake asks how can you improve your cycling performance? This is the same question coaches, athletes and scientists around the world have asked for hundreds of years. Purchasing expensive new equipment? Researching the latest training methods? Improving your mental game?

Many athletes try to get ahead by focusing their time and money on new training methods or equipment … only to see marginal performance improvements. Why settle for marginal improvements, when you could experience massive improvement!

Focusing on improving your mental game, specifically learning how to push through fatigue during competitions, will give you a much greater advantage over your competitors and help you perform your best.

This workshop will show you a simple technique that will hep you handle fatigue more effectively, allowing you to perform better, for longer and maximising your competition performance.


Click the link below if you’d like to gain access to the full Unlocking Peak Performance workshop:



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